The Pathetic Casuals Badge Set

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The Pathetic Casuals, enshrined in badge form

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Once they were young lads and lasses, touring the country in following the team they love, dressed up the nines and making sure they were seen and heard.  Now, as age, parenthood, mortgages and world weariness catches up with them, they’ve turned to finer pursuits.  The football has become an excuse rather than the reason, street life swapped for street cafes, winding-up locals replaced with soaking up the local culture and police escorts from the station eschewed in favour of taxis from nearby heritage pubs.

Here, Ladies and gentlemen, we celebrate The Pathetic Casuals and that thing of theirs, in the only way we can, in pin badge form.

There will only ever be 20 of this badge set made, so get them whilst they’re hot


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