Sometimes I wonder if you’re better off without mates. They’re prone to doing stupid things. Most of the time it’s urinating at the bar, nearly getting you into fights type stupid that you can handle but then one of them goes a does something so stupid that they deserve a badge, or a hat, or a t-shirt or all three to celebrate the event.

I’ve been stewing on this since the fixtures came out, and hoping that the Sunderland game on saturday would get moved. “it’s one for pay per view” was my first (and probably most logical) reason the kick off would change i’ve now descended to the level where a freak flood could affect nowhere but the JJB on Saturday, and why? You’ve probably guessed it, I’m going to a wedding.

Now by my reckoning I’d only miss the ceremony and the soup if I went to the game, and I doubt that anyone would miss me but the ‘you’ll get castrated’ looks from the misses and the looks of disbelief from my (Season Ticket holding) friends have stopped mr planning an operation the SAS would be proud of, I’m not sure Uncle Dave would have lent me his Chopper anyway.

Churches should take things like this into consideration when booking weddings. “Do you attend church? yes? good. How many of your friends and family regularly attend football matches? oh! that many? Then can I suggest you go for the week after then, it’s an international weekend.”

Bitter isn’t in my nature though so I’ll take this opportunity to thank Neil and Alison for the invite and wish them all the best in married life. If you hear me cheering at the back, it’s because I’m so excited for you.

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