The world has decided that Wigan Athletic need a goalkeeper and so we continue to be linked with every Tom, Dick or Boaz that is unhappy or supposedly playing below their level. The pattern seems to be that we are looking for a younger keeper to supplement the elder statesmen of Filan and Pollitt, with the aforementioned Mr Myhill being the strongest link so far. Add to that the boy Fulop from Spurs and the Hearts keeper and we’ve got a healthy little shopping list going on.

The logical conclusion to this is that, at some point, we’d be linked with Chris Kirkland and, abracadabra, it’s happened this morning. Admittedly the link hasn’t been confirmed as yet, but the source is usually reliable, and I wouldn’t have a story if I didn’t at least pretend to believe it.

To say that Kirkland has been unfortunate with injuries is akin to calling Everest a big hill. His move to Liverpool was delayed because of back problems; a permanent move to West Brom fell through because of a broken hand and every time he gets called up to an England squad he manages to get a visit to A&E in.

Despite all that he is considered one of the best young keepers around and if we could keep him fit he would be an asset to the team. Part of me wonders though, if this link is serious does it mean that Steve McMillan’s on his way out and the club are looking for someone to keep Alex Cribley company on a week day?

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