So silly season is fully underway and the press are doing a good job of painting Paul Jewell as a man in the throws of panic switching from one unsuccessful transfer target to the next. Today’s choice is Emile Heskey, the oft-maligned Birmingham City front man being tipped to be the subject of a £3m bid from Latics. Now obviously people are rushing into comparisons of Heskey and Johnson, but if this story is true, then I’m not convinced that Jewell sees the Birmingham striker as second choice behind Johnson, but as a different sort of forward all together.

Looking at the current squad we have Roberts and Camara, both players having been linked with moves away from the JJB. Johnson would be a natural candidate to replace Camara, whilst Heskey and Roberts are in a similar mould. In fact to take that one step further, Heskey’s record at Birmingham last season is similar to the form showed by Roberts during his time in the Premier League with West Brom.

Has Jewell resigned himself to losing Grenada’s most famous striker, or is he simply making a statement that no one is irreplaceable, Does he fancy that he can do a similar job with Heskey to the one he did with Roberts? Only time will tell but his hand may be forced sooner rather than later if stories of an increased bid from Turkey are more than just paper talk.

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