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It’s time to welcome our first signing of the summer. One that might stem the flow of people ready to tell us that Latics will never sign anyone, but will just as quickly dredge up the old ‘no ambition’ versus ‘Jewell’s never done us wrong’ arguments. One thing we won’t hear about this signing is the tired ‘doing it on the cheap schlep. The rumoured £3 million fee seems a little steep for a player who we first tried to sign, from Oldham, when we were still in the second division. Then again I doubt this offer was paid as a lump sum.

From my vague memories and what’s been said over the part couple of days, Hall is a tall lad and not short of pace. Both attributes we lacked last season. Palace fans seen split over his departure and doubts have been raised about his attitude and abilities as a footballer. The club have a decent record of posting out the former and as for the latter, I’m not that bothered about his ability to spread the play as long as he can defend. I’ve a feeling that there’ll be plenty of room for no nonsense stuff next season.

Elsewhere, pursuit of the three lads from West Brom continues with Latics making three separate bids this time. It seems that Gera is most likely, Ellington most keen and Davies tipped to join a big club.

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