Today is D-day for the happy go lucky, glove wearing Frenchman, Pascal Chimbonda. He’s due back from his prolonged World Cup break, expecting talks with the manager and Spurs are about to make yet another bid for the player.

Listening to his agent, it’s expected that the next bid will be around the £3.5 million mark. He thinks that is reasonable but Jewell is, at least publicly, sticking out for 6 million, cash. Reports that Palace have accepted our second bid for Emerson Boyce, suggest that, privately, the manager is resigned to, and preparing for letting him go.

I’ve said all along that the clincher, for me, in any deal with Spurs would be the inclusion of Danny Murphy. Today’s Mirror says that their bid will not only include Murphy, but another player that I am a fan of, Andy Reid. Whatever the cash add-on, I’d be snatching their hands off.

Whilst it becomes more obvious by the day that Chimbonda isn’t going to change his mind, it seems that he is also preparing for the worst. The Mirror also has him about to release an apology to both club and fans. Being cynical, if he thinks that’s enough to get out on ‘the cheap’ he obviously doesn’t know Mr Whelan very well. I suppose it could be a peace offering, a sign that if he does stay that he still wants to be every one’s friend. Knowing some of our fans it could be too late for that.

One way or another, I’m sure everyone involved wants this sorted as soon as possible. Chimbonda wants his move, Spurs want the player and Latics need to plan for the season ahead. Most of the entire whole thing is just getting a little bit stale and it will be nice to move on.

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