What do you read into being told that the manager won’t sign his contract until his assistant is sorted out? It is fair enough I suppose, in many other clubs Jewell would be sorting Hutchings’ contract out himself and there’d be little risk. Still there’s a chance he won’t sign and if he doesn’t then what does the future hold for Jewell?

I’m not trying to make a big deal out of this. It seems fairly certain that both will sign and on fairly lengthy deals at that. It’s just that Mr. Whelan has never struck me as the kind to take kindly to being held to ransom or be dictated to and depending on your level of cynicism this is one or the other, surely. The chairman doesn’t see it that way and just like last time around is telling us that Jewell is being honourable.

To a union man like the manager that may be true but to a business man with a reputation for sorting himself out at the expense of others, then perhaps not. It’s a positive sign for the fans, it shows that Whelan knows he’s onto a good thing with Jewell and that he’s prepared to in against the grain to keep the level of success we’ve had going. As the transfer market is set to heat up over the coming weeks just how much he’s prepare to bend will no doubt be tested.

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