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So, you’ll be dead pleased to know that Paul Scharner is one appearance off his half century for the club.  It’s good to see the Official website making more out of these milestones as they show us that Scharner now sits fifth in the appearances table for the club.

I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one to double take at that one, but no, there he is, sat proudly (and no doubt camply) in a list of players who’ve made more than forty appearances for the club.  A list headed by Leighton Baines on 72 games.

I don’t have the time or energy to produce a definitive league table of players’ appearances, but I know that, in the bigger picture, 50 is fairly small fry.  

I also know that, if I were them, David Lowe and John Butler (the current 1, 2 on league appearances) won’t be happy, the fact that they each played about ten times that number of games for Latics, seemingly wiped from the record.  Even some of those that made the list have a genuine gripe as the efforts of Baines, McCulloch and De Zeeuw to get us where we are don’t matter either.

It’s bad enough that we’re expected to forget about life before Chairman Dave but to ask us to fall for the line that football doesn’t exist outside of the Premier League is criminal.  

You could give them the benefit of the doubt, after all it’s easy to miss a couple of words out and completely change the meaning of any piece, but surely when you are writing for a site that is ‘proudly’ advertising 75-years of Wigan Athletic, you’d take more care, wouldn’t you?

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