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Those keen NewsNow watchers amongst you will have noticed that I had a bit of an IT blip a few weeks ago.  It gave those with an interest in such things, a chance to revisit reasons past, which I’ve been lead to believe was a problem for some rival fans who didn’t appreciate the reminder of little Wigan snatching points off their much bigger and more deserving teams.

Anyway, all that is sorted now and on the plus side it’s given me the chance, and a prod, to do a couple of jobs that I’d been putting off since the last the site fell over.

First up, I’ve managed to pull over all my articles to the new platform.  If you want to read stuff going back to 2005 then you can do it here using the search facility or the calendar links on the right hand side.  If you don’t, then what’s up with you.

Secondly, I’ve separated out all the articles that have nothing to do with Latics and placed them all in their own little blog.  They’re looking a little bit lonely at the moment but the plan is that they won’t stay that way.

I’ve promised myself faithfully over the last two years that I’ll expand the subjects that I write about, but to no avail, hopefully this move will give me the kick I need in that area.

Thirdly, I’ve gone back on what I’ve said previously and resurrected the Not a patch on… message board.  As I type, it’s as clear as pure white snow so dive in, make angel shapes or get your todger out and write your name.

Finally, for now, you’ll have to take note of some new site links.  The homepage, is a landing page for all my efforts.  You’ll find links on there to Not a patch on…, The pie at night and the message board, as well as some of our attempts at ‘Social Networking’.  Poor attempts as it happens, but who knows, and at least you can now claim that you’re our friend, if you’re wierd like that.

That might not be the end of the changes, but there’s a football season looming and the daily onslaught of rumours to keep up with, so it’s time to stop fiddling about and get on with the supposed season that I’m here.

Until then, have fun.

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