After last season’s prediction league debacle, I’ve gone for the simple option of setting up your bog-standard fantasy football league. To be precise I’ve set up 2.

They’re both on and I’ve set up a traditional league (they who get most points wins) and a head to head league (teams are drawn against each other in weekly rounds and it’s 3pts for a win and whathaveyou).

I’m guessing that most of you will have teams already, so get registered on one or both of our leagues, round up your mates to do the same (the more the merrier) and then get competitive. No fighting mind.

The entry codes are:

Standard league – 1210257-252143
Head to head – 1210257-252162

Points scoring starts from the second lot of Premier League games (this weekend) because I’m rubbish and haven’t given you the chance to get organised.

As with last season, you’re starting off playing for pride. I’ll see what I can do on the prize front. If I do manage anything on that front then players will need to be active contributing members of our forum to win anything.

Have fun.

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