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Brad Pitt one degree of separation from supporting Wigan Athletic

Ha Ha….what a title, apparently Brad Pitt is a Liverpool FC fan cause his mates are.

So if you use the Kevin Bacon approach to separation, he’s not too far away from supporting Wigan Athletic.

Enough about that……..

The film he’s staring in & of course promoting in the UK (plug a football team) is called “Moneyball”.¬† It is about Billy Beane¬† who managed the Oakland Athletics to success with no money and just used statistics called sabermetrics to make the team and squad decisions (wonder if Dave Whelan knew this?).

It is ironically one of the approaches that Damien Comolli is taking for Liverpool with the purchase of the likes of Downing and Henderson, apparently they have strong stats averages that get/support goals……

Just watch the first 10 seconds of the Trailer you’d think Brad was talking about Wigan Athletic……

If you know me I love statistics, I knew about this bloke well before we find out with Hollywood through Michael Lewis’ Moneyball book.


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