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The Football Supporters’ Federation is holding it’s annual awards for independent fan’s publication and The Mudhutter has again been nominated. Now we’re not in it for fame or money, we’re shy wall flower types but hey, you never know, maybe like the football club we purport to write about we can spring a surprise for little old Wigan Athletic with your help.

All you have to do to vote is send an email at the following link for your favourite fanzine:

And Vote This Northern Soul!!

Not that it’s all about the Mudhutter, you can also vote for your favourite¬†football websites, so why not vote for TNS and support our set of regular bloggers and writers who lovingly provide Wigan Athletic content on our truly independent, ad free Wigan Athletic website.

There are also categories for best football newspaper (Wigan Evening Post anyone?), best football book, best blogger – with the usual suspects – Swiss Ramble, Zonal Marking, 200% never far away and best podcast. So what are you waiting for? Click the link and get voting…

And you can vote for up to three favourites in each category so feel free to vote for other Wigan Athletic or football candidates, whatever takes your fancy

See below for details of last years’ winners:

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