High days and match days

Wembley ! Wigan ! you having a laugh ?







Since that glorious day at Wembley were my club, Wigan Athletic deservedly won the famous old trophy, various fans of other clubs have asked me “have you got over it?” (meaning relegation from the greed league)

I rise to my full height, belly in, chest out (no mean feat in my case) and deliver the following retort … “get over it ! never,  winning the FA Cup was absolutely wonderful”

Their puzzled expressions amuse me as they wonder how can I prefer THECUP  to Premier League safety, it’s easy my good friends, it’s easy.

History will tell, the sparking silver trophy has our name etched on it, I know because I’ve seen it with my own teary eyes and yes I did have my glasses on.

Memories will fade how we climbed into “the best league in the world” © and out-stayed our patronising early welcome for eight seasons.

No-one will really remember or care about our top flight status apart from the much maligned Wigan fanbase, however THECUP is revered worldwide and many clubs, players and supporters can only dream about the feelings that all Wiganers felt as Ben Watson headed the goal to make our day.

It was special then and will continue to be so for evermore, Wigan Athletic FA Cup winners, who would have thought that eh?

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