I feel so extrordinary…

The FA Cup, what a beautiful, romantic thing it is, eh?  And as we celebrate our third ever appearance in the quarter finals, it’s as good a time as any to remember that we never did a commemorative shirt for that day in May.
It’s been a good while since we did a new t-shirt full stop.  So like GM Buses, we’re breaking your wait with a couple at the same time.


The sight of Ben Watson, reeling away towards the fans.  Finger in the air and mouth wide open in shock.  It still makes me shiver every time I see the photograph.  Why?  It’s elementary… erm… I’ll stop now.

But it’s an iconic image either way, one that’s etched on the memory of Latics fans young and old and it’s now on a t-shirt. Available from our Spreadshirt shop right now for £16 plus your postage and packaging.

True Faith

Another iconic image, this one based on the cover for New Order’s “True Faith”.  Because, of course, when times are hard, when you’re sat on a cold, wet Tuesday night in February watching your team struggle to beat a side from the relegation, what do you have to keep you going other than your True Faith in your football club.  That and the Bovril and/or hip flask.

Yes, that’s corny, but I couldn’t just say that I did it because the slogan sounded good and I thought the shirt would look good too.

Both shirts are available now from our shop at and cost £16 plus postage and packaging.   Get them whilst they’re hot.

elementary blue

TNS t-shirts are made available through the website, sales and delivery are handled by that company and not TNS, although we do recieve a commission for every shirt sold which is used to cover some of the cost of running the website.


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