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Uwe Rosler send his thanks to the regulars

Postman Pat I assume trudged up the garden path to the imposing Aspull Towers front door and deposited my “Season Pass” for the forthcoming football matches at The DW Stadium.

Along with the most welcome pocket fixture list was the corporate good wishes from our man at the helm along with a smiley signature.

What all the good folk who have invested in the club should be aware of is keep hold of this seasons card as it is yours for life !

It looks like the technobods in the corridors of the I.T. department at The DW have decided to regenerate the card each season from now on.

Now I don’t really want to put a damper on this money saving exercise but can you imagine the carnage at the first home game of the 2015-16 season when you play Russian roulette at the turnstile.

What if you haven’t been regenerated like a TimeLord and kick-off approaches, it’ll be so exciting to see if you can gain legal entry at the beginning of each new season, you will probably never feel more alive as you tentatively approach and pray for the green light and that welcoming buzzer.






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