Scarf winner

You may recall that we started a competition a few weeks back to win a lovely Savile Rogue scarf in Latics colours through our prediction league.  We’ve got three things to announce.

  • Firstly, congratulations to Martin Jolley who rose from a mass of mediocre predictions to finish top of the mini-league we ran to decide who got the scarf
  • Secondly, there’s still time to enter our prediction league.  We’re taking a week off this week, but watch the website for news next week
  • Finally, the kind folks at Savile Rogue are offering TNS readers a 10% discount on any purchases from their site.  Just use the code SOUL14 when ordering

Savile Rogue, are purveyors of the world’s finest football scarves and have just launched their new Faithful scarf.

If you’re not familiar with them, Savile Rogue scarves give a nod to football terraces of yesteryear, shunning in-your-face logos and cheap nylon in favour of a traditional bar design and the comfort, quality and warmth of top quality materials.

You can follow Savile Rogue on Twitter or Facebook.

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