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What will it bring ?

First up, all the best for the forthcoming year to everyone past & present who have frequented this safe haven of Latics on the net,  from the hard working team here at “This Northern Soul”

No doubt like us, you will be glad to see the back of 2014, at least in WAFC footballing terms, quite what division we will start 2015/16 season in is anyone’s guess, at this stage I’ll take mid-table mediocrity in The  Championship along with (hopefully) another glorious FA.Cup run.

Now with all the off-field trials & tribulations who will be Chairman and Manager of our club is still unclear, like the players they all come and go, only the loyal supporters of Wigan Athletic Football Club remain.

What the suits in not only The DW but in the football corridors of power have to realise is that we actually pay money to go to the match, all the staff at all the professional clubs actually get paid to go to the match.

Many a person at the ground should heed that thought for The New Year be it a player, coach, steward, director etc, etc.


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