Here. Who fancies starting off their Saturday with some music?  Did I hear someone at the back say “A perfect hat-trick of three songs with tenuous links to today’s game would be nice”?  That’s good, because that’s just what we’ve got…

Left foot: Bradford – Skin Storm

“Morrissey’s favourite band” were from Blackburn not Bradford, but this song has been in my mind all week listening to talk of how City are going to attack us with a tough, physical game.  The underlying message seems to be that we’re still a bit a bit of a soft, passing side. 

Personally, I don’t think that’s fair.  Not only can they mix it with the best of them, the tea we have now seem to be able to ride the punches and keep on going with their own game, regardless of what the opposition do. 

That’s probably a good message for the rest of the season, because their ‘own game’ is enough to beat any team in the division.

Right foot: Spritualized – Do it all over again

For the uninitiated, Spiritualized are the brainchild of Jason Pierce.  As I type, we’re still waiting any formal news on our own Jason Pearce’s availability for today’s game, so I did think of going with their song “Out of Sight” but this one seems more on theme. 

“Do it all over again” as in put in a sub-par performance leading to a draw?  No, “Do it all over again” as in wipe the slate clean, knuckle down and put things right.  Starting today.

Header: Jimmy McGriff – The Worm

I was going to go with an actual band from Bradford for my last selection.  But, Kiki Dee, The Cult, Smokie, Gareth Gates, Kimberly from Girls Aloud and someone from One Direction aside, there’s not much to choose from.  Oh, and Terrorvision, the very thought of who, and particularly their song Tequila make me want to stick sharp needles in my ears. 

So I’ve chosen this one, just because of the worm being at the bottom of the bottle of a bottle of tequila, in the hope that get it out of my head and help me get us up and at them this Saturday morning.

See you on the other side

The Jukebox Juror

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