The End of the Line

And so we reach the end of our scientific experiment to find the worst players to wear the treasured blue and white of Wigan Athletic with our final round featuring the letters U to Z, excluding W as we covered that last time.

Given the paucity of options available amongst these lesser known letters of the alphabet (have we EVER had a player whose surname begins with the letter X? I think not), we are left to shout out our nominations after three and surprisingly it is Amr Zaki who receives two votes from both Luke and Alan.

Which apparently proves who the winner is according to Alan. As the pair of them point out he was generally terrible, bar a purple patch and gradually contributed very little after admittedly scoring a few decent goals.

Ian opts for the flying (sulking) Dutchman, Patrick Van Aanholt, a player with undoubted ability who came on loan from Chelsea and seemingly felt that little ole Wigan Athletic was a bit beneath him.

Jimmy went obscure with part footballer part midget Danny Vaughan, plucked from the usual source at the time of Crewe Reserves. He looked brilliant in pre season but was way too small to ever be a footballer.

We all concur that Haris Vuckic is way too cool to even be considered to be thrown into the Emporium of S***e.

Alan also threw in Reto Ziegler but you can’t hear that bit as it got cut.

Just a solitary poll this time, and the Wigan Athletic public do indeed leave Zaki alone. Ziegler scores well but the winner is Patrick Van Aanholt, with little Danny Vaughan hiding away in fourth, safe in the knowledge that hardly anyone has heard of him.

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