What could go wrong?

Good morning match day tics, and what better way to start your Saturday than listening to four lads in the pub talking about Latics and stuff like that?  Listening to five blokes do it, obviously.  So here, fulfilling that need, comes episode 35 of the Pie at Night podcast where our usual foursome are joined by @BarcaJim off of the internet for an hour and a bits worth of the usual nonsense.

We talk about takeovers and takeovers, council teas, Catalonia and Celtic.  Of course, there’s Latics, our FA Cup and the Accrington Stanley game (sort of) in there as well, all for the cost of, well, nothing…

You know the script by now, you can get Episode 35 of the podcast “What could go wrong?” is available from all the usual podcasting sources.  You can also click play on the player below to have a listen.  We reckon it’s a good un.


You can find the latest episode of the Pie at Night Podcast on ITunes, on Stitcher or by searching for us in your favourite podcast App. You could also pop along to our AudiBoom site where you can find all our episodes. Or you could just use the player below. Give it a go, we might go on a bit, but you might enjoy it.
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