Left back at home

Who’s your (least) favourite left Back?

We tackle the once ubiquitous question of “who’s your favourite left back’ but in reverse at the Pie At Night as we, with the help of the general public, determine, who indeed is our worst ever left back.

Chris goes first and nominates Salomon Olembe because “he looked like he had his shoes on the wrong feet, his laces tied together and his feet stuck in the same block of concrete.”  Ian plumps for Swedish superstar Erik Edman, a legend at Spurs, but mainly for his part in THAT 9-1 game.

Jimmy’s vote goes to Andrew Taylor, notorious for his sweaty red ale face panting down the wing, and the fact he went on to be a player of the year at Bolton adds insult to incompetence.  Alan nominates another Alan, ex Liverpool star Alan Kennedy. He was a bit past it by the time he landed here but as Alan explained, in something of a recurring theme, he had once upset Alan at a sportsman’s dinner.

And with that we quite possibly have our four. We did put 5 other left backs in our alphabetical round including Reto Ziegler and Patrick Van Aanholt but concluded that those two were actually quite good. Aaron Taylor-Sinclair (or was it Aaron Sinclair-Taylor?) but he never played.

There were also a couple of harsh nominations for Gino Padula and Gavin Johnson for inclusion but both cases were dismissed.

To the polls! And it is something of a cakewalk for the top two as Andrew Taylor collects a Brexit busting 53% of the vote leaving Olembe to come in as runner up with a respectable 31%.  Erik Edman polled 12% and Alan Kennedy suffers from “no bugger remembers him playing for us” syndrome and collects a measly 3% of the vote with the final 1% missing in action, you eager mathematicians.

And you know what? On this occasion the Pie At Night crew seem to be almost in tune with the people, in spite of a last ditch attempt by Alan to throw the aforementioned Kennedy in.
We’ll have a full round up of our squad so far once we’ve resolved a legal wrangle over the centre half nominations.

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