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The great Mudhutter back issue sell off


We’re looking to make a bit of room in MH Towers, so we’re offering you a deal. If you’re a new or occasional reader, you can buy 20 back issues for just a fiver, that’s around 900 pages of Wigan Athletic, general football and other daft related content. Imagine being able to read back and laugh at all the things we got horribly wrong?


We have to add another £5 for postage and packaging as this will be a weighty little parcel but we have committed to give all profits to Joseph’s Goal while this offer is live. You get something to read that is probably overdue a good pulping and also get to donate a few quid to charity.


Simply head over to Mudhutter and buy from here:


The first 20 issues are all sold out (but you can buy a digital PDF of them), but we will hand select 20 of the rest and post them out to you. If there’s any you want in particular, just drop us an email as you place your order and we will sort it out.


We are currently working on Issue 70 which we expect to be out by December 8th



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