FA Cup Malaise

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So, here we are, everything’s going (gone) a bit wrong in the league, but we can put that all behind us and focus on messing up the competition that we won four years ago and were a penalty kick off making the final of the year after.  The FA Cup is back in Wigan and it’s fair to say that cup fever is spreading around town. 

Oh, sorry, our medical team have just confirmed that it’s just a bug and rather than seeing Latics fans flocking in their droves to the DW Stadium, it’s just one of a million excuses for not turning up this afternoon.  Mine makes up the first of today’s perfect hat-trick.


Left foot: Ultravox – Just for a moment

I just can’t be there long enough for it to be worth my while.

Me and the youngest have to be at Robin Park sports centre (cricket, in January!) until gone three and then he has to be at the Soccerdome (party) for quarter to five.  If it was a league game and we didn’t have to fit a change of clothes in at some point then we’d be at the game, but paying full whack for two thirds of a reserve game just seems a bit daft.

But I’ll not be on my own and with stands being as empty as they have been recently, well, we know what’s coming…

Right foot: The Supremes – My World is Empty Without You

But of course, the real magic of the cup these days is how everyone pretends it’s not important anymore until something juicy comes along, or your team gets to a round which uses the word “final” in its name.  Who can forget Latics taking 13 ¾ fans down to Bournemouth for a 3rd Round replay back in 2013, only to see us all falling over ourselves for fourth round tickets and a trip to Macclesfield.

Fickle? Us? Too right…


Header: Cabbage – Fickle


Whatever you’re doing this afternoon, have fun.

See you on the other side…




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