Left foot, right foot, header 2.0 #1 – Steeling yourself

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It was inevitable that, with the closure of TNS and the setting up of this site, I’d steal borrow copy reboot resurrect some of the ‘regular’ things I did over there.  The first (and some would say easiest) is the idea of the perfect hat-trick, three songs to start your weekend that have some, no matter how tenuous, link to goings on at Latics.

So here, for you delight and delectation are three song, by Sheffield bands and some waffling to get you thinking.

Human League – Seconds

The first song is here, primarily, because I’m contractually obliged to plug the podcast.  This song features at the end of Episode 7 as a bit of a cryptic teaser of what was coming next.  Now’s a good a time as any to let the cat out of the bag that Episode 8 was recorded directly after episode 7 and will be available from the middle of next week, again featuring ex-Latic John Coyne with his thoughts on his career, current goings on at Everton and of course Roberto Martinez.

Speaking of Bobby and contractual obligations, do you think he’ll lend me a few quid to go out tomorrow?


Slow Club – It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful

To prove I actually do put some thought and research into these things, I had no idea that Slow Club were from Sheffield until I sat down to pick my songs for this.  I did know that the title of this one is a bit of a misnomer, being a quite pretty little ditty.

It echoes Jimmy’s 12th man article this afternoon, basically what Latics need now is a win (or two) and it doesn’t matter how they get them.  Or does it?  To be honest, I’m not sure that Latics need to worry too much about looking good going forward, the players we have will ensure that happens.

Where we need to get ugly and start showing some grit is at the back, there’s no point being a ball playing centre half if the only reason you’re at the back is you’re a big un but can’t tackle or have any idea of how to stop people getting goals.  That goes for the midfield too, it’s alright playing your starring role in our passing game, but there comes a time you’ll have to dig your heels in and do the dirty work too.

Pulp – Lipgloss

To be honest, I’d decided I was putting a Pulp song in before I picked anything this week.  I’ve not listened to them for a while so this was as good as an excuse as I needed.  I’d sort of settled on “Something’s Changed” on the basis that we should see a few changes to the team tomorrow and because the first verse pretty much gives you a list of things you could do instead (in Jarvis’ case meeting a girl that turned into a messed up relationship, in our case spending £33 on watching a second division football match), then I had a “sod it” moment.

I went for this one, because His n Hers is the best Pulp, and this is one of the unsung heroes of that album.  You want a link?  I’ve got something convoluted about the breakdown of a once beautiful relationship (team), but a) it would come across a bit meltdowny, b) I think we’ll be alright in a few weeks’ time anyroad and c) it’s Friday, so just enjoy the bloody song will you?

See you on the other side…


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