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Ever wanted to grab a fanzine writer by the throat and force them to spit out lots of words? Well, you can do exactly that, in a virtual sense anyway by taking out a subscription to the Mudhutter for the 2018/19 season.


We have been very fortunate in the past to have had a large number of subscribers, some are based in Wigan, some further afield, some are Latics fans, others are just fanzine aficionados and we are very grateful for each and everyone of you because you keep us honest. And it’s not often you can say that about us lot.


What I mean by that is, knowing that 50 to 60 people give us a sum of cash up front each year, literally keeps us going. Not in a financial sense (although keep your eye on the MH top brass suddenly jetting off on expensive foreign holidays in the coming weeks). Of course the money comes in handy, like all fanzines, we are only a 2 o’clock downpour away from losing money on every single issue. We run a tight ship, and have a few supportive advertisers and if we ever have an upside, we always look to reinvest it in local charities.


But anyway, hark at Mother Theresa here, what I really mean to say is that your commitment ensures that we make a commitment. By paying up front for 5 issues a year, it means that a Mudhutter will land in your postbox or mailbox in August, October, December, March and May. Dates are subject to editorial lethargy. It’s far easier to be lazy and cynical than be productive and cheerful. Whereas we’re in no mood to let go of the cynical tag, by sending us your money, it means we have to get our pens out.


So thank you for your support, and we hope you can continue to support us in the coming year by subscribing. It is £10 for a printed copy delivered to your door (P&P is free for subscribers) and £7 for the increasingly popular digital format.


We have retained the services of all our existing contributors to our roster (LOL I love that silly word, go on, say it in an American accent) and with football and the Latics riding high right now, we can’t wait to get stuck in. So come and join us by subscribing here:


Issue 68 will be out on 18th August

You can find the latest episode of the Pie at Night Podcast on ITunes, on Stitcher or by searching for us in your favourite podcast App. You could also pop along to our AudiBoom site where you can find all our episodes. Or you could just use the player below. Give it a go, we might go on a bit, but you might enjoy it.

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