The Shins – Heartworms

I’ve had people tell me how wonderful the Shins are without being convinced by their arguments or made curious enough to bother to actually listen to them. Either that or I’ve completely wiped the experience out of my head. Which is hardly surprising if this, their fifth studio album is anything to go by.

I’ve nothing against 70s pub pop or the sort of chipper stuff that Paul McCartney wasted his time with after John Lennon decided that locking himself in hotel rooms was a better career than making music per se. But it’s very much a time and place thing and the place and time isn’t Wigan in 2017. In the main Heartworms comes across like a collaborative concept album between Squeeze and the Moody blues.

I realise won’t sound so bad for some of you, but after a couple of tracks I realised I’d actually started doing some work rather than listening, which is about as much as a recommendation as I can give.

Graham Barrow:  Whilst there’s little to get me excited on this album, Mildenhall is actually a nice little folky track which woke me up to the fact I’d stopped listening to the album. It’s a brief hiatus though

Warren Joyce:  Third track sounds sort of like Imagine, sung backwards over a primary school Glockenspiel quartet. If you like that sort of thing, for me the title “The Fear” is fairly adept way of describing how I feel about that image.

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