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Yes, the boys are back in town! Well, back on a modern, video based communication tool anyway as Jimmy, Alan, Ian, Luke and Sean meet up for some random chat instead of watching Game of Thrones.

There’s some debate as to whether summer has begun or even ended, given the football season has resumed already but we talk about what we’ve been up to, and what our summer highlights are.

We quickly dismiss the fixtures as being something of an anti climax both in terms of when the away games have fallen and the prospect of a few thousand fans and a handful of away fans rattling around the DW.

The crew are however, very positive about Paul Cook’s appointment off the back of a surprisingly entertaining pre-season game against Liverpool.

We give our early season predictions, highly dangerous given there’s six more weeks of transfer window left and to a man, we’re almost Sharpe like in our over confidence. The sound of virtual book marking can be heard across the land, ready for when we fall flat in our faces.

And with that foolish over exuberance nailed to the mast, we pause for a musical interlude brought to you by Talking Heads.

With that in mind, we embark on a decidedly half hearted attempt to talk about our sounds of the summer before commencing on our all new FA Cup prediction competition. Because it’s just about to start you know?

Essentially, we all nominate a team to call our own from the extra preliminary round and give a reason plus some information about them, be it real, interesting or completely fake.

Listen in amazement as the panel regale you with interesting facts about Shepshed Dynamo, 1874 Northwich, Runcorn Linnets and Eversley & California.  Oh and a team funded by Spandau Ballet royalties.

Before we wrap up, there’s time for a quick round of the ever competitive Wigan Athletic Emporium of S**te with the letter T getting the treatment, and Alan firing another shot across Paul Scharner’s bow.

We finish with the usual plugs for things that matter in life (pies and fanzines).

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