Against all logical predictions, we’ve made to seven episodes and the transfer window has now SLAMMED shut without us being hawked off to MK Dons on loan, or anything.  We must be doing something right then?  I don’t know, you tell us.

In episode seven the lads are joined by ex-Latics apprentice and all round good guy, John Coyne.

All together they meltdown, reveal dirty burger secrets, catch up on th’olympics and Chris’ MILFs. As well as revealing exclusives about a reality TV star and next year’s world pie eating championship. Warning, contains Big Fat Sam and Ian talking about Italy and Rugby BECAUSE ALAN WASN’T THERE.

Oh, and perhaps more importantly, we find out who would win a fight between Sammy Lee and David Perkins.

Weighing in at just over an hour, episode seven also has the privilege of being our first, really, commute friendly listen.

You can enjoy the podcast using the player below, from our podcast page at Buzzsprout or by searching The Pie at Night in your favourite podcast app.

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Have fun

You can find the latest episode of the Pie at Night Podcast on ITunes, on Stitcher or by searching for us in your favourite podcast App. You could also pop along to our AudioBoom site where you can find all our episodes. Or you could just use the player below. Give it a go, we might go on a bit, but you might enjoy it.

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