We brought you the Emporium of Shite, flogged it like a dead horse, milked it for all it was worth and then, when it was done, looked up and realised that we had nothing to replace it. Well, that’s probably how it looked to your average podcast listener, the truth is we had a ready made replacement, we just were (typically) too disorganised to do anything about it.


Well, if we’re truthful, a couple of months ago when we mooted Chris’ idea of gathering a list of the characters that have made Wigan Athletic what it is today. In an attempt to give the whole thing some structure we’re aiming to tie it to the twitter limit of 140 characters (yes, we know it’s 280. a) we’re stuck in the past, b) we told you we had the idea ages ago, c) twitter was better when you had to get things into those 140 characters).

Anyway, back to the topic in hand and our search for these 140 things that have helped define our club. They don’t have to be human; we’re not looking for greatest players, most effective managers or best left backs; we just want tell the Wigan Athletic story in a way that shows what makes it, and us, tick.

Still no idea what we’re on about?

Well, on the latest podcast, we discussed some contenders amongst “non-playing staff” down the years. Dylan had gone home and Ian had got the wrong end of the stick so it was left to Jimmy, Alan and, guest, Martin Davies to throw some suggestions on the table.

Jimmy recounted some tales of long suff… err… standing assistant to Brenda Spencer, Stuart Hayton.

Martin sang the praises of one time commercial manager and knicker designer, Bernard Eccles.

Alan, being Alan, pulled out a list that included the formidable Linda Fillingham, before settling on… perhaps controversially, Maurice Lindsay.

You’ll have to listen to the podcast for their reasons, but it’s now your turn to get involved. Let us know who your nominations for the 140 Characters of Wigan Athletic are, stick to (current or former) non-playing club employees this time.

Tell us why and then we’ll discuss them on the next podcast before deciding who we’re putting into this genuine hall of fame.

How can you get involved?
Use the comments at the bottom of this article. Message us on facebook, twitter or instagram. Email us, us the contact form at the top of the page, write us a lovingly handcrafted letter or accost us in person. Basically it doesn’t matter how you get in touch, just get in touch or else we might run out of podcast content.

See you on the other side…

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