After the (Michael) Love has gone

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The Pie At Night team resume in suitably cheerful fashion with the Latics marooned in the relegation swamp.

We talk about our Oscar like gaffes without a mention of Bramble, Caldwell or Burn before briefly laughing at Bolton players spitting their dummies at their own fans.

But we can’t spend the whole podcast laughing at Bolton so we return to the subject of the last few games, which as you’d expect, isn’t a very pretty assessment.

There’s much ponderous talk of where we are and where we’re likely to end up and indeed who is likely to be part of it before breaking for a slot of Arcade Fire.

We return for the second half with a quickfire question of what would cause you to delete your twitter account, with no reference at all to a certain Wigan Athletic player. Then we have some enlightened chat about which players would form the basis of a Latics band given the demise of the Empty Seats resulting in some “interesting” band names.

There’s yet more issues of the day to be resolved as we talk about our best sandwiches before delving into the latest instalment of the Wigan Athletic Emporium of S***e.

We finish with some non too complimentary Birmingham things and with a spot of highly uplifting Radiohead. What?

The Pie At Night is an independent fans’ podcast run by the lads behind the Mudhutter fanzine. It doesn’t take it self so seriously and neither should you.  Episode 20 – Shy talk and the lost causes (the one this article is about, silly) is available now.  Search for us in your favourite podcast app, on SoundCloud or iTunes or listen on the player below.

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You can find the latest episode of the Pie at Night Podcast on ITunes, on Stitcher or by searching for us in your favourite podcast App. You could also pop along to our SoundCloud site where you can find all our episodes. Or you could just use the player below. Give it a go, we might go on a bit, but you might enjoy it.
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