Bright lights and revolving doors

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The times they are a changing as the Pie At Night podcast team decamp to the Moon to discuss the disposal of Gary Caldwell and the arrival of Warren Joyce.
But first to more important matters as we discuss who we’d like to see turn on the Wigan Christmas lights with everyone from Purple Aki to Mad Mary to good old DW himself getting a mention.

It will come as no surprise to regular listeners that the MARTINEZ MAFIA #believe that Gary Caldwell deserved more time to turn it round, indeed given the lack of a readily available replacement, it has even been suggested that those constantly morning at Caldwell were perhaps taken aback by the suddenness of it all.

We plot a pattern through the last ten years to try to understand why some managers have succeeded and others have failed. And we try to understand why it is that some fans are so quick to turn on those who have achieved something before assessing the job ahead that Warren Joyce is likely to face and how he is likely to set us up. The poor bloke must have wondered what he’s let himself in for.

We deconstruct the Reading game and try to establish why the new manager bounce turned into more of a gigantic splat. Whilst we also contemplate whether Graham Barrow is the antichrist slowly destroying the club from the inside or just a harmless old bloke from Chorley. Indeed, we extend this to discuss why such vitriol is aimed at the back room staff in general, many of whom have a genuine association and affinity with the club over those who don’t.

In somewhat lighter matters, Dylan tells us about his trip to Iraq and accidentally buying a Hezbollah t shirt but as he’s brought us back a Kurdistan mug we’ll forgive him.

We talk about the international fixtures and whether even an England versus Scotland game gets our pulses racing any more before tackling the thorny subject of Poppygate. We talk Scotland things which invariably brings mention of random food stuffs thrown in batter and the briefest mention of that long forgotten delicacy that is the chip pon egg.

We close with some Barnsley things incorporating everything from having a dead good swimming baths to Barnsley chops before inevitably moving on to mentions of Andy Liddell and Arjan De Zeeuw

Music comes in the form of some lesser known Northern Soul track which manages to cleverly rhyme Joyce with choice and a jaunty little number from Odyssee called No Reservations in homage to our forthcoming attitude towards our new manager.

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