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We only planned to do a quick one but we can’t help ourselves. Get a Brentford fan on the podcast and ask him a few questions. Nothing more, nothing less. 

But we had to talk about the Burton game didn’t we? And the furore over United ticket allocations. Plus we need a bit of music to break things up. And a couple of quickfire questions about the all important matters of the day such as all day breakfasts and what players do on their day off.

As ever, we went off on a tangent at numerous points covering such important matters as:

  • Whether Graham Barrow would make a good debt collector
  • How Sam Allardyce was the pioneer of modern football
  • The former Brentford player who got caught wife swapping
  • The heart breaking tale of Conor Sammon’s abrupt exit from Old Trafford
  • Why there’s an Ellgren jacket somewhere adorned with Steve Perryman’s signature in biro
  • And some slightly confusing crossed wires where someone proclaimed Andy Delort to be doing a great job at Fleetwood….

 So yes, as we did go on for a while, here’s a helpful timeline in case you can’t listen to it all in one go:

  • 0.00 Intro tune
  • 00.35 Meet tonight’s guests including Ben, a Brentford fan
  • 03.03 Quickfire Wigan Athletic facts: the secret occupations of past and current players
  • 08.54 Tweet of the week
  • 11.40 Burton review and in praise of Warren Joyce (no honestly!)
  • 15.27 Don’t be a d**khead
  • 18.12 Brentford v Newcastle and season so far
  • 22 06 We’re up for the cup: ticket shenanigans and looking forward to the United game
  • 28.39 Ticpoints, the new Wigan Athletic ticketing priority system explained
  • 31.47 What’s the difference between breakfast and an all-day breakfast?
  • 34.22 Unambitious things you want to achieve
  • 38 22 Music: The Bees – Who cares what the question is?
  • 40.16 Talking Brentford and Latics with Ben aka Junkyard_Fool including: Freight Rover, Moneyball, Rosler, Forshaw, the Four pubs (now three), Scott Hogan
  • 1.14.51 Brentford things from a Wigan perspective and Wigan things from a Brentford perspective
  • 1.22.16 Closing plugs
  • 1.24.32 Closing track: The The – Uncertain Smile

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