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  1. Great read. Besides the staunch defence of Graham Barrow’s role I like Point 3. I probably felt a bit more positive about GC as a manager but generally much the same as you – i.e. I wanted his team to dominate matches more, be less timid etc. However, getting rid? It just feels like some fans have been throwing their toys out of the pram and Sharpey and Grandad have thrown the baby out with the bath water. I’ll go now and think of some more throwing metaphors to mix together.

  2. Interesting stuff —and good to hear both Power and Graham Barrow talk openly of ‘players hurting’ over GC exit, the fact the players felt they’d let GC down and the usual dedication of win at Cardiff for GC.
    After the Mackay and Coyle double nightmares, it’ll be interesting to see who DS/ DW now rate ( higher than GC) to be a long term successor and simultaneously boost our efforts in Championship.

    If, on other hand we don’t have a new manager in place by Sat and we carry the momentum to beat Reading, where would that leave DS/DW?

    It takes a real man to admit mistakes…….

  3. I agree with what you’ve written and it was painfully obvious that Joyce was finding it difficult,to say the least.
    Reading many comments on social media quite a few people are saying things like graham barrow is the constant in all of our woes.why?
    In my opinion people are overestimating his influence.judging by some comments you can only assume that people think he has more power than he actually has.
    I don’t know why he is still at the club given the number of managers we’ve gone through but he is and has been given the job till the end of the season. As with all our previous managers surely he deserves “some” support in what has now become,i fear,a lost cause.hope I’m wrong

  4. Too many managerial changes in recent seasons. You are quite right: select the right man and stick with him. The Board will also need to be prepared to support the manager I the market, if we are to stand a chance next season in League 1.

  5. By sacking Caldwell and Joyce, took the pressure off Sharpe, he should have stood by his decision. By Barrow being a caretaker manager, he had nothing to lose, but where was the chairman? Last season he was in every photo when getting promoted, but leaves it to the caretaker manager to face the media!
    As for a new manager, it looks like a guy with not a lot of experience will take over, as it is cheaper, but could mean another new manager about new year!

  6. As with Jimmy’s article yesterday I couldn’t agree more. I naturally have a deep mistrust of anyone not connected with Wigan or Latics wanting to get involved with our club. What is their motivation ? If it’s to make money then they’ve no chance, so why ? What is it they want out of us ? I don’t know Garry Cook but purely from the outside I don’t trust him one bit. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care about Latics one bit, all he’s bothered about is his commission, just as Bryan Hamilton was in the 80’s when he was flogging all our players. I hope I’m wrong but I have a very bad feeling about all this and as with many others will be monitoring the situation very closely.

  7. I agree with pretty much all of that. You make a lot of valid and interesting points. The big thing is, if the Whelans want to sell up and get out, its crucial that we have an injection of investment with new owners. I was always worried about the suggestion that they would “gift the club to the fans” as a gesture, and make us another community-owned, and ran, club. My opinion of that is, we wouldnt last a year once Barclays called in the loans that Mr Whelan has been guarantor of. So when I heard about the sale to the Chinese consortium, I thought “great”.
    Why do the Chinese want us? Well, we are smack bang in the middle of the North West, which has large Chinese communities and history in both Liverpool and Manchester. We are smack bang between those two cities, whos 4 clubs, much more bigger and famous than our own, are all foreign owned and unavailable. I suppose we are the nearest thing! Another factor is the excellent Chinese Economy, which is seeing links forged with the UK and a massive increase in business commerce over the next decade or more. I heard a couple of years ago that big Chinese investment was coming to Wigan, seeing a regeneration of the Pier quarter and surrounding area. Also, my son’s high school has been selected in a group of schools that are adding Mandarin to the language curriculum. It all sounds very promising, doesnt it?
    We can only trust the due dilligence process to check out the owners suitability, perhaps the Football League have learned their lesson with some of the previous take overs that were not suitable at all.

    I am in favour, and I am looking forward to it. My only concern is crazy changes, like replacing the manager with a big name like someone like David Beckham as a ‘showpiece’ appointment. We dont need that, we need patience and continuity. Our current manager and staff are doing a great job. If they come in before January, dont come out and throw anything crazy at the manager, money wise. We dont need that, yet. No more than 5 million for player signings (knowing Paul Cook he would be shrewd enough to spend a munimum of that anyway…sensible) You mentioned the Venkys at Blackburn. In the summer I was talking to our former manager who also managed them (you know who). Had a cracking chat. Said about the Venkys…lovely people, just no idea about football. They took over and chucked £100 million in, which was wasted by a succession of managers. They then attempted to put another 10 million in, in order to chase their losses….like a gambler chasing debts. I can only hope we keep people like JJ and Garry Cook involved in the club, so sucg crazyness doesn’t ensue.

    Regarding poor crowds….im staggered by it too. Not sure what more can be done to attact people. A lot will re appear when we are almost guaranteed promoted. When the wigan steets are full of people celebrating and acting the bellend, theres a good chance that person was missing until March or April.

  8. Maybe you want to take a listen to the last 10 minutes of the podcast which you have, without irony, chosen to attach to this article. When you’re going to produce podcasts that pick apart the squad, individual players, and by implication Paul Cook your doing far more than any single voice is to be negative. The Scottish bloke you had on tries to put across the point that the Tics are doing alright at the moment, and is there really anything to moan about, but for the most part the contributers continue to discuss what is wrong and what might go wrong.

    You want to distance yourself from these fans that don’t know better like yourself, good luck with that, it seems they are closer to home than you like to think.

  9. Ouch.

    It’s probably worth pointing out (as you’ve probably noticed) that there’s more than one voice involved in the podcast. Different people write on the site too and despite what some people think, we don’t have a massive agenda or exercise thought control over each other. This is one person’s view, the rest of us *might* think Jimmy is talking nonsense.

    There’s also a massive difference between four blokes talking shite in a pub (microphone or not) and people screaming abuse at players and the manager during the course of the game. We’d also never try to suggest that we speak with any authority amongst Latics fans.

    – If people agree with us (any or all of us), then fair enough, we like to think we talk sense occasionally
    – If people disagree with us then we’d prefer it if they told us, we’re always up for a good debate
    – If people blindly take what we say as some kind of truth just because it’s on the internet then they really need to have a goo hard look at themselves

    And if people want to blame us for anything that’s happening in the ground then they really, really are over estimating our influence. I mean, imagine thinking that, just because you’re on a podcast, people pay any attention to your opinions.

  10. Aw how cute, someone made up a name to take a pop at me! Well done for listening to the first 90 minutes though to get to that bit.

    In terms of the article above, what bit of “I wouldn’t dream of claiming to speak for all Wigan Athletic fans” did you not read?

    In terms of the podcast, I simply fielded the question “where do we need to strengthen in January?” Apart from suggesting we might need some back up at right back, I do not feel I was critical, others might be but that’s their opinion

    Anyway, thanks for your comments Bill

  11. I applaud you for your article. There is no perfect way to write this, but authenticity comes shining through.
    I have had my turmoils this year, but live in a foreign land where support networks don’t exist .
    Exercise has been my therapy.
    Be strong, brother.

  12. Two Wigan players probably earn more a week then the Shrewsbury starting XI.

    It’s a joke to even begin to discuss if they could be on the same level in terms of playing staff and ability, what do you expect.

    Give your head a wobble.

  13. ??????? I have never in my life heard so much shit spewed out in one article. The biggest barrel of shite I’ve ever seen. Nick Powell was falling on the floor as often as he could lee Evans was an absolute embarrassment going to the ref and crying because a player went within 10 yards. We came there fully expecting to be under pressure and adapted accordingly like all GOOD teams would.
    So take your sour grapes, shite review and your half empty plastic fan stadium and shove it straight up your arse

    Ps thanks for the 4 points and the two clean sheets
    Lots of love shrewsbury fans

  14. I like a good laugh. Thanks for helping! Funniest thing I’ve read since witnessing the sour grapes from the Wigan fans after the match. It’s not all about beating you of course. Your 5 point lead doesn’t look so big after tonight though does it?

  15. Shrewsbury fan here! And come in peace! Unfortunately in football, your going to get these kind of reactions. Theres definetly biased opinions from both camps. From our (and many teams in this division) to get 4 points and no goals conceeded to a team whom are favourites for the title, your bound to get slightly carried away. Dont forget, we were favourites for relegation during pre season. We’re simply are enjoying the ride atm. Each point is a step closer to safety from our view! We know the second half of the season is going to be as tough as the first was. Who knows what will happen? Anything more than safety is a bonus. Enjoy and good luck for the rest of the season.

  16. Not sure the correspondent was at the match or if he was had the two teams mixed up, particularly with reference to para 5

  17. Some #wafc seem to get confused. On the one hand they enjoy being the big team in the league, but act shocked and appalled when smaller sides beat them or draw. You cant gloat on the former if you cannot handle the later.

  18. Do you fill your pies with bullshit? Whoever wrote this stirred the shit into their own pie before eating it and spewing it on that drivel of an article. Never seen anything so bitter ever, even Walsall or Wrexham fans wouldn’t go this far. We beat you fair and square at home and certainly earned a good point by defending well, keeping shape and try playing a counter attack game. We got into good positions but the final ball just didn’t happen. Who ever wrote this needs to buy a new dummy from boots as your old one has too much bitter drivel on it.

  19. “in the way a small club rose to the pinnacle of the game” – by buying success? Brilliant. Won’t be long before you’re back in non-league. Where you belong.

  20. From a Doncaster Rovers fan, Congratulations to the Wigan family; Paul Cook, players and fans. A well deserved award to add to your folklore. Rovers worked hard to make a good game. We are some distance behind you but progressing. So next time we meet it will be in the Championship unless you have made it to the Premier League. Congratulations again from Steve of the Lincoln Branch of the Rovers Supporters Club.

  21. Well cosnstructed article. The RED button is great for me as i live 2 1/2 – 3 hours away but would be sat at the ground if i was closer. Some fans dont know how lucky they are to have such easy access.

  22. End of an era where we have achieved so much as a club.My only regret is that I wish he had developed Springfield Park instead of moving to the DW.I have never taken to the place.It is too big with no real character.With hindsight we could have easily managed with a stadium capacity of 15,000 to 20,000 and retained our true identity.

  23. Sorry to disagree but like Swansea Wigan have difficulty knowing where the goals are. Wigan scored from the penalty spot and in some ways were lucky to be awarded that but for the referee failing to notice Dunkley had his hand wrapped around Van de Horne’s wrist and spun him round just before. A free kick there should have been awarded to Swansea VAR would have ruled it out. You can’t win games without scoring more goals than the opposition and that is where the problems lie. All the huffing and puffing counts for nothing.

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