Left Foot, Right Foot, Header #23 – Black Country Boys

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It’s been a while, but I’m back and as usual I’ve got some YouTube clips, tenuous links and a bit of a topical theme for you.  Rather than just ramble on for you a bit, I’ve done some proper research this week and found you three artists with a connection to Latics’ opponents today.  In so much that they are from Walsall, and yes, that sort of research is dead easy these days, but the hard bit comes when you try and string them together into an article. 

Which I’ve not actually worked out, or picked my songs yet, but head down, eyes closed… here we go…

Left foot: Charlatans – I never want an easy life if me and he were ever to get there

First up we have the late Rob Collins, Walsall lad and keyboardist with the Charlatans, which simple as anything gives us our first tenuous link given that this game might make one of the teams genuine contenders for those automatic promotion places and the other, pretend… no, not pretenders, Charlatans.


Right foot: Goldie – Believe

Another Walsall lad is Clifford Joseph Price, aka, Drum ’n’ Bass maestro Goldie and a song for all those of you that have spent the last week collapsing in self-pity over last week’s nil bout draw.  The title speaks for itself, but if this track doesn’t help you chill out then, nowt short of smashing the division with 100pts will.


Header: Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

Breaking with tradition, led Zep lead singer Robert Plant isn’t from Walsall, but has, allegedly, lived there.  The song, has been picked simply to wake up and get you in a rock and roll mood for your trip to the West Midlands – enjoy and I’ll see you on the other side…


Until then, have fun…

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