So as another day arrives, yet another FIFA scandal is either aired or some frantic scurrying from PR Football department greets the summer sports headlines.

This weekend it’s Ireland’s turn, explaining away how they spent €5,000,000 on a new Stadium after FIFA gave them a loan on from the Terry Henry’s handball in the 2009 playoff.  Rumours had persisted for a long time that FIFA had bought Ireland’s silence to avoid them going to the Sport of Arbitration, apparently it was true after the 33 gaff by Sepp!

Prior to this we’ve had South Africa trying to squirm their way out of admitting they paid for £10,000,000’s worth of football equipment in the Caribbean, so that they’d been seen as favourable in the vote for the 2010 World Cup vs Morocco. HSBC & Standard Charter for once being honest Banks for a change!

We’ve also heard that the 1998 World Cup awarded to France was also wrapped up in alleged bribes, with Chuck Blazer stating he’d received a payment from the Moroccan FA to ensure that his affiliates voted for their country against the French bid, obviously there will be some furious football people in Morocco?

Does make you wonder when was the last time a World Cup was honestly awarded?

Other Blazer statements highlight how TV deals were issued to favourable companies for the America’s equivalent of our Euro Championship; assume these will be expanded as the investigation progresses.  I also anticipate that this Sunday we’ll have one of the UK broad sheets digging up another FIFA scandal; I do wonder what it could be?

Did the English FA receive a similar payment to Ireland for the Frank Lampard goal that never was in the 2nd Round/Round 16 against Germany in 2010?  But knowing the English FA, they probably didn’t, which is more of a scandal knowing now what was often allegedly going on behind closed FIFA doors.

With all this happening we still need to be warm in the knowledge there’s a potential 9 months of Sepp Blatter remaining!  What will he deliver to the football World once his 9 month term is up?  He’s said he’s already started yet another FIFA investigation & started sense checks on monitoring money within FIFA, amazing they never had this in the first place…..

Anyway here’s to see what Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc, bring when it comes to FIFA.



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