Mild And Bitter Were The Days

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This in itself is reason enough to purchase the book, as the reader gets a real feel as to how Wigan Athletic FC really was in those far away non league days. However, Ken’s frequent jaunts to Springfield Park are only part of the story.

It also tells of the growing pains of a surly teenager on the streets of 1970’s Wigan and he succeeds in bringing the old Wigan town to life as well, courtesy of his diary from those long gone days. Ken himself was hardly a diary writer and to this day he is mystified as to the reason he kept it, but the reader will be so glad that he did.

The mempries and the characters come flooding back into your consciousness and the photographs accompanying the stories are worth the price of the book alone!

Add the fact that there are also interviews with Gordon Milne and Geoff Davies and you realise that one day the book will be a real collectors item.

Get it now, you know it makes sense.

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