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It’s been a while, probably more than a year, since I unofficially closed our Spreadshirt t-shirt shop. Getting things back up and running has been a bit of an on/off project in the interim, but we’re back this week with a bang, well maybe nota bang, but with a couple of new designs at least and you can find us here:


Foremost amongst the new designs is the “Yanic” capturing, in a comic strip style that will be familiar to many of a certain age, our current favourite Dutchman in celebratory mood, wheeling away to the sound of that chant.

The Yanic can be easily bought from the site in men’s sizes on a white shirt at the price of 18 pounds, including free UK postage. If you’re interested in different fits (e.g. Women’s or Children’s) or colours then give us a shout and we’ll try and sort something out.

Whilst you’re on the site, have a mooch about. There’s some other designs on there too and a set of pin badges, all of which are available now, but will be formally “launched” on TNS in the coming days.

As always, the sale of these shirts will contribute to the running costs of This Northern Soul and The Pie At Night podcast so all purchases are much appreciated.

Have fun



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