After the darkness of last season, a ray of sunshine emerges from within the confines of Mudhuts Towers in the form of a completely free of charge downloadable 48 page PDF fanzine to while away your summer with.

Featuring an eclectic mix of articles about Wigan Athletic, football, music, nostalgia, holidays, working, dreaming and life, contributors old, new and returning have cobbled together 48 pages of prose on subjects close to their hearts.

There’s no logins or tie ins, pop up adverts or “enter your email to subscribe to our email list” deal here, just 48 pages of hand written affection, cynicism and reflection whizzed over to you for nowt in a nanosecond onto your PC / iPad / tablet / phone of choice to be read at your leisure.

You can even print off all 48 pages and take it to the toilet with you to read should you so desire, you crazy traditionalist you!

Simply click on the following link to access and download the PDF and it will be with you in seconds unless your internet connection is down, in which case contact Virgin Media:

Mudhutter Summer Special

Thanking you, as ever, for your ongoing support

The Mudhutter team


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