Greek Tragedy – Part 1

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Not the best timed Holiday, but with the Gestapo school, it’ll be a necessity for the next few years.

So sat on the balcony one Tuesday evening, the sun still beating down, the Beer on the table, crickets, well I think they’re Crickets, doing what they do best, I start to use the relentless amount of time I have.

Last night in a WBA Tragedy of their own, they were stuffed by a fast starting Manchester City.  I did joke with the reluctant to acknowledge WBA fans in the bar that I doubt it’ll be Wigan vs Bury on Greek Tuesday night TV, but as I wrote stranger things could have happened?

It was that quip that started me writing, that and the book I’m reading, a Novel by a bloke I used to work with.  Realising he had the time, passion and perseverance to write and get a book published.

Wigan Athletic, what a puzzle those two words are, I need to write something!

Puzzling, it’s like the faces of the people you meet on Holiday, when you tell them you’re a Wigan Athletic fan.  Now it’s like it was all those years ago, that blank look when you know they don’t have a clue about your club, let alone the division.

You may get ‘FA Cup’ & ‘used to be in the Premier League’, but it’s now again like those halcyon days of obscurity.  Do you know what, I love that!

Also you’d still not believe number of Manchester United towels around the pool & we were the only ones who arrived on the Manchester flight. #dedicated

So Wigan, I know I digress.  What will season hold?  By the time I arrive home and have finished this Blog, we might be 4 to 5 games into the season.  But let’s see?

The first game started as I feared, as I approached the Resort bar the WiFi kicked in and the data told me, Coventry 2 Wigan 0, so is it ‘Oh crap it’s going to be a long season, AGAIN?’

End of Part 1


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