Greek Tragedy – Part 2

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Now I love my numbers, if you’ve spent any time on the TNS Forum, I’ll be the one with the background stats or the bookies odds.

It’s not like I like to gamble, I just love the challenge of the numbers!  Can you beat the bookies with your interpretation of how the stats & numbers will predict the outcome?

Okay so to Part 2, back on the Balcony, I’m already ready for the restaurant, well men do only take 5 minutes to get ready!

So feeling hungry and well after yesterday’s game a 2-1 defeat to Bury in the League Cup, it really does look like it could be a long season, so I’m going to have a Cephalonia Pie to ease my worries.

Okay, at least we scored a goal, abate a penalty.  Another defeat with an X Wigan player getting both Bury’s goals.  Can anyone remember when a Wigan player playing for Wigan scored 2 goals in the same game?

So 2 defeats in the first 2 games, not a good start.   Gary has though said the players need time to get to know each other, which is a statement just to cover over the defensive mistakes for both goals…….Craig this is Leon, Leon this is Craig.

So to the next game against Doncaster, a few years ago this game would have been indeed the League Cup or a January FA Cup tie.  But alas almost resetting on where Wigan should be?

It’ll be Wigan’s first home game in League 1 since 3rd May 2003 when we beat Barnsley 1-0 to gain 100 points through Tony Dinning, though it was League Division 2 then.

Again what will we see, any new players being brought in, in the hours before the game?  Or will it be the same team against Bury that in some parts did start to click, only to have a late 2nd half re-enactment of our entire last Championship season.

Curious to what this game & it’s numbers will bring as it may well start to answer my earlier question of the puzzle that is Wigan Athletic.


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