Any requests?

Paul Jewell’s attempts to bolster the beleaguered Latics front line were boosted this afternoon as West Brom accepted a transfer request from Nathan Ellington. The midlands club may be hoping this move will spark a bidding war for the striker but their open willingness to sell can only be good news for Latics.

Despite the Baggies insistence that Ellington will only in on their terms, his transfer request removes the stumbling block of a (lack of) loyalty bonus and will reduce their expectations. However that may prove a double edged sword as the player is likely to seek compensation for that through his signing on fee.

With both the manager and chairman fervent about not being held to ransom by players and their agents any significant demands may yet put the final nail in this transfer’s coffin.

This development came after Jewell finally acknowledged what everyone already knew, by telling the local press, reportedly with quiet confidence, that he was “very interested” in signing the player who deserted him on the eve of Latics’ Premier League debut.

This news is hardly likely to have Latics fans holding their breath for the outcome. With other clubs’ interest in David Nugent on the wane, Ellington’s availability may attracts bids from more than Latics. Given the club’s recent track history, there is time yet for them to not get their man.

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