Arsene elbow

If the Arsenal manager had attended an English public school, it’s pretty much nailed on that his nickname would have been ‘Whinger Wenger’.  I’ve a tendency to tune out when he starts on his latest subject a handy skill that I picked up during his early exchanges with Manchester United.  Unfortunately, now the Mourinho restraining order has kicked in, his latest target is a little closer to home.  Now normally he doesn’t pay enough attention to the game to pick up on dirty tackles and the like but as Tuesday’s game was such an edge of the seat affair he couldn’t help but notice how Jason Roberts completely deliberately assaulted the Arsenal keeper.

Now I know there was a little bit of a fracas after the incident, but by Arsenal standards it was a tea party, I think some of them were even trying to keep the peace.  The challenge itself wasn’t much of a do and it’s easier to believe Robert’s suggestion that he was trying to pull out of it than Arsene’s insistence that he left the foot in.  Jewell had it spot on with his quip that Arsenal should worry about their own disciplinary record before anyone else’s (do you think he actual says these things to people or comes up with them after the fact; thinking about it, being a football manager gives you a brilliant opportunity to use all those “damn! why didn’t I say that?” comebacks).

It’s quite interesting to see Wenger start playing mine games with managers and players he wouldn’t usually sully his hands with, and I wouldn’t mind him trying it on a bit more between now and the second leg.  Partially because Jewell is bound to have some great return putdowns but mostly because it means we’ve got them worried.

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