At least it wasn’t Windass

If you’ve been concerned by some of the transfer dealings this season, then it is now time to run for the hills.  It takes a lot to type the words, but Latics have signed David Unsworth.  The 33-year-old joins the club on a free transfer from Sheffield Utd, who have been trying to shift him off their books for a while. 

Paul Jewell has stated that Unsworth will provide cover all across the back four, but with bigger clubs sniffing around Leighton Baines fans will be worried that signing a player who’s played most of his recent football at left back means that a bid could be just around the corner for one of the few players who’s looked anything like over the last couple of months.

It may be unfair on a player who has plenty of top-flight experience under his belt but his reputation is hardly one of a cultured footballer.  His nickname is Rhino and as far as I know he’s never been known to under hit a ball.  He might add a bit of oomph to the back line, but don’t expect him to become the missing link  that stops us lumping balls up to Emile Heskey.

The final point is that, for a scouser on the red side of the fence, Jewell seems hell bent on pleasing Evertonians this season.  They’ve only just recovered from his signing of Kevin Kilbane; this will have them rolling in the aisles at Goodison yet again.

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