Don’t mention the World Cup

In Sky’s football ‘drama’ Dream Team, a player has just gone off on one because the press managed to convince him he was eligible to play for Australia when he quite blatantly wasn’t (if you don’t know the detail then you probably don’t want to). It’s the sort of thing that you look at and laugh, surely no player is daft enough to tie his flag to one country’s mast, when he’s got little to no chance of playing for them in the first place.

Imagine one of our players sat by the phone waiting for a call from a country who have one of the best players around playing in your position; it would never happen, right? Enter stage left, Mr. Jimmy Bullard. Someone, presumably his agent has picked up on a German Grandmother and seems to have convinced him that this present a more realistic chance of international honours than waiting for an England cap to come along.

Now we’re not talking about one of the Home Countries here, we’re not talking about Eire. Each of those would seem something more logical to think about. To be honest, and from a personal perspective, it’s difficult to see why anyone would choose another country over the one of your birth. I guess players don’t think like that anymore, but even so I find it puzzling why Bullard thinks he’s good enough to play for a team at the level that Germany represent.

I suppose there’s a chance I’ve got the wrong end of the stick, and he’s being a complete and utter chancer over this, but if I were him I’d be spending more time drinking Guinness and singing Steve Staunton’s praises than trying to find a Mr. J Klinsmann in the Berlin phone book. Or maybe I’m just used to setting my sights low.

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