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Hacking Away

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Around this time of year I would normally write a piece bemoaning the death of the League Cup maybe suggesting some ways in which it could be improved, how we could get away from the position where the competition simply doesn’t matter any more.  It’s all nonsense of course because all you need to do to make people give a toss about England’s second cup competition is lose your first two games to an aggregate score of 10-0.

Sky sit up and take notice, the fans get all in a tizz about it and the players… well I didn’t go so I can’t say but hey, they won, they scored three goals and Jordi Gomez is now ready to lead us to the promised land.  Oh, and Al-Habsi is the new Dino Zoff.

To continue this season’s media paranoia, I found it interesting that Sky had dispatched a Journo to our game rather than a pundit.  I’m assuming that this was to ensure that their reports were on message and none of that pesky knowing about football got in the way.  The message?  Just the usual, Latics are shit, Bobby should be sacked, then deported and all our players should be allowed to join ‘bigger clubs’ for no fee as of tomorrow.  Oh and we have no fans.

Or at least that Harlepool were all over us and Latics were lucky to be hanging on to their one goal lead.  Even as the game closed to a 3-0 win that Five Live and WISH were happy to describe as ‘professional’ Sky were happy to make out that we’d been lucky.  All this and Jeff Stelling wasn’t even on duty.

Someone who wasn’t on message was Paul Jewell, who had the nerve to actually defend Latics in the pre-match build up, pointing out that we’re in a difficult position and that crowds have grown 3 times over les that 10 years.  He almost looked embarrassed in that “I want to tell you to bugger off but I can’t” way that he used to have when his muckers were sticking the knife in.

… and we wake up this morning and nothing has changed too much.  The media are still circulating, only a little disappointing that they didn’t get their blood, the fans are still revolting and there’s every chance that we’ll get hammered come Saturday.

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