Johnson to pull rug from under Wigan

Stories coming out of Merseyside this morning are suggesting that Everton are the third club to have a bid accepted for Crystal Palace striker Andy Johnson.  The suggestion is that Everton’s bid meets the £8.5 million bid that Latics and Bolton made, but has more similarity to the Bolton deal as the money will not be paid up front.  Everton are rumoured to be Johnson’s first choice of club, giving him the chance to link up with his mate James Beattie.  His desire for this is so strong that he is expected to agree significantly less in wages to play for ‘the people’s club”.

If this deal comes off, Dave Whelan and Paul Jewell will be wondering what they need to do to build on last season, having offered both Crystal Palace and Johnson better deals than other suitors but still ending up empty handed, they could be excused for feeling a little bit used.

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