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{mosimage}We’ve been here before, and in a summer where poaching and tapping up have enjoyed more than their fair share of discussion it could only be a matter of time before the spotlight turned on Latics and their shopping at the St Andrews superstore.  Only it’s not the signings of Palacios, Kapo and De Ridder that’s wound the Birmingham hierarchy, it’s the defection of some bloke I’ve never heard of before, Will Royall hasn’t even got a Wikipedia entry let alone a mention on the Latics website, but it appears that he’s the camel that loosened David gold’s tongue after the horse had bolted, or something.


To be fair, it must put you on a right downer when the manager you’ve hardly been trying to keep hold of, goes to another club and you get the pitiful figure of £3m in recompense, let alone that he offers jobs to some of his old muckers and they accept them.

Don’t get me wrong, I have some sympathy for Bimingham over this one.  Imagine Dave Whelan’s face if Paul Jewell had nicked all our coaching staff when he moved into the Derby hotseat… oh, right, well at east he had the decency to hang on a bit until we got replacements in.

After all, isn’t that what usually happens?  As managers come and go they tend to take (at least a proportion of) their backroom staff with them and they’re able to walk away Scot free then it’s either because the club has let them, or because they didn’t have a contract to make them stay.

It’s not Latics fault that Birmingham didn’t have the right contracts in place, or that their staff would rather work with Steve Bruce here than carry on the jobs they were doing under Alex McLeish.  Een if that is because we are prepared to pay them more money.  Is it?

Painting us as the big nasty club, running roughshot over poor little Brum, so that they get relegated, is plainly riddiculous.  In fact it just stinks of bitterness and hopefully the Premier League will see it that way.

Anyway that’s enough digs at other clubs’ chairmen, people in glass houses and all that, eh?  I’ll leave you with a viking themed blast from the past, but I can’t remember there being much raping and pillaging in this though.


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