Viva Valencia

If I was talking about right sided midfielders from la Liga, you’d have previously been excused for turning your thoughts to the perfectly groomed image of metrosexuality that used to captain the national side. From today,  you’ll be thinking about Louis Antonio Valencia who has today signed for Latics on a one year loan deal.

The Ecuadorian winger starred in their World Cup campaign and featured in the shortlists for both the young player and FIFA team of the tournament. Allegedly he comes with bags of pace and skills to match. Despite the poor history of South American flair players over here, Jewell is also convinced that he has the work rate and attitude to make an impression.

The sensible thing here is that this is a loan deal. The suggestion is that a fee has been agreed if everything works out, if it doesn’t then the lad can be sent on his way with a bag of Uncle Joe’s and a ‘thanks but no thanks’.

Jewell is still after another couple of players and I’m in little doubt that they are Webster and Ellington, but with the season a mere two weeks away, it could be nearly time to look elsewhere. Whilst we’ve still got people in Spain, I’ve heard that Torres fellow is pretty handy.

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