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Oooh! Latics player lifts lid on cold shoulder from manager shocker. Well, not so much of a shock, mind, but it’s unusual to see a Latics player saying anything interesting these days so one that calls the pitch embarrassing and sticks the boot in to a previous manager is a refreshing change.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well last week wigantoday.net ran an interview with Ryan Taylor where he talked about his frustration about being kept away from first team action for so long. There were plenty of rumours about why this happened and an open mind kept about him not being fit enough for a return yet, but it now seems that he was no wiser than us on the subject.

The interesting thing here isn’t so much that Hutchings never pulled him to one side and explained his decisions, but the subtext behind his comments on the new regime. By telling us that the gaffer joins in with training, that sessions are fun and that Bruce keeps an open door, Taylor is really saying that Hutching did none of those things.

Of course a manager has to retain some kind of separation from his players, how else can he give them the often required rollickings, but he also needs to tend to the needs of his players. He might not be able to be their mate but an arm around the shoulder and a kindly word in a young player’s ear can do a lot to steer them in the right direction.

Of course this is only one player’s version of events. Hutchings might have been bob on with everyone else. Maybe he had reason to cut Taylor out of things. Maybe the whole ‘tight knit group’ thing wasn’t a load of old tosh, but you have to doubt it.

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