A critics view of Empty Seats

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“I’m A Believer” is a thunderous first track of three, a curious but highly imaginative rework of The Monkees hit, the enthusiasm shown in this punkesque version of the song brings the vibrant mood of the Wigan Athletic supporters together.


Second up is “Come On You Latics” a repetitive chant from the terraces / stands, now turned into a catchy musical ensemble which soon has the words stuck into your head as the music flows.


Last up is the traditional Wigan Athletic anthem “You Are My Sunshine” which embraces the very ethos of the club and its loyal band of supporters.

If you are part of the Latics fraternity and have the Tree & Crown in your heart then the lyrics will haunt your soul and perhaps, just perhaps a little tear will appear as you listen.


The vocals and guitar backing all work smoothly & seamlessly through the changed lyrics of these songs and coupled with Animal from The Muppets enthusiasm on drums but with dexterity and skill to boot make this a most rewarding little download set.






Noel  Lowsmice

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